Belvidere Schools Face Big Budget Crunch in 2013

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UPDATE: 12/17 (WIFR) -- Nearly 100 people turned out at the Belvidere School Board meeting Dec. 17th - mostly to oppose the potential closure of Kishwaukee Elementary.

Closing the school was discussed in November, but so far the Board says it doesn't know what it will do about its budget problems. PTO members say Kishwaukee is the best performing school in the District, and closing it would deter people from moving to Boone County.

The Board says it is not recommending which schools should close, but there's a possibility one high school could be eliminated. Cuts may have to be more severe if state aid is slashed next year as anticipated.

They will have more financial information at January's meeting. Any decision about closures or layoffs has to be made by March.

BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- An $8 million deficit could lead to the closure of Kishwaukee Elementary School in Belvidere. It's one of several drastic measures being discussed tonight.

Quite a few parents are expected to attend a meeting here at the school tonight, with superintendent Mike Houselog. I spoke with one parent earlier who tells me she wants others to be aware of what could happen.

Holly Houlk doesn't want to have to send her 4th grader to another school. She's PTO president of Kishwaukee Elementary, a school being considered for closure.

To close a success story like Kishwaukee doesn't even make sense at this time,” Houlk said.
The district has considered closing Kishwaukee in the past. It's one of several options being discussed in district 100.

“Those are the areas where the greatest amount of revenue is gained by being able to make those types of decisions,” said Michael Houselog, Belvidere Schools Superintendent

Other areas include cutting some extra-curricular activities, shortening the school week and year, and eliminating some administration positions. These are all just ideas, that will be discussed tonight.

The meetings starting at six o'clock. The next school board meeting is December 17th. We're told no final decisions are expected to be made.

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