UPDATE: Electrical Fire at Whiskey's Roadhouse Bar & Grill

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Whiskey's Roadhouse in Rockford will be closed for the next few days, after an electrical fire started there late Monday afternoon.

We're told an electrician was working on the main electrical panel when the wires arched and caught fire. He was able to put out the flames, but was burnt on his face, neck and arms. The electrician is expected to be ok and no on else was hurt. The fire caused about $5,000 in damage. The bar is closed due to lack of power.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- An employee at Whiskey’s Roadhouse was sent to the hospital tonight with second degree burns.

An electrical fire started at the North Main bar at around 4:30 this evening. We’re told the employee tried to put the fire out. He’s expected to be okay.

There is no word on damage estimates at this time. The bar will be closed for the next few days.

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