UPDATE: Water Service Restored, Businesses Can Reopen

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UPDATE: Three businesses in a condemned East State Street Strip Mall can now re-open.

City of Rockford inspectors say water service has been restored and the fire sprinkler system is working. The building which houses the Illinois Secretary of State Driver center was condemned on Tuesday when a frozen water pipe cut service.

UPDATE: ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Crews are digging up outside of the East State Secretary of State’s Office.

The strip mall has been condemned after pipes likely froze.

Plumbers are trying to thaw the pipeline. They will then bury it deeper to prevent frozen pipes again. The owner hopes to reopen the building as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Contractors tell us a busy East State Street strip mall, that's home to the Illinois Secretary of State's Office could re-open, as soon as, Wednesday. A frozen pipe cut off water to multiple business on Tuesday. The building's landlord tells us workers have found the source of the problem they will be digging up outside of the building Wednesday morning. Their plan is to thaw the pipe and then bury it deeper to prevent this from happening in the future.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The cold weather may be to blame for a major problem at an East State Street strip mall.

Right now, several businesses and the Secretary of State’s Office don’t have running water, sending hundreds of people to other locations in the Stateline.
The landlord tells us the pipes are frozen, so there’s no running water which means you can’t go to the bathroom. The Fire Department is also concerned because they wouldn’t be able to put out a fire.

City employees say around 9:00 this morning, they received a call that there was no running water in the building. They say an hour later, the whole strip was condemned. The Secretary of State’s Office has been shut down as well as the other businesses including the Family Dollar and Aaron’s Electronics. The building owner says he has a team trying to locate the frozen pipe. He says if it is outside that means more time and money to fix.

“We came here from South Beloit and we came down here for my friend to take his driving test. He had to take off work, so now he’s gonna have to come back. This is the 6th time he’s been down here,” said Jennifer Tuescher.

City Employees say the building has had issues with frozen pipes in the past. They also say it is a private pipeline so it hasn’t affected the other businesses or nearby homes. City Employees say once the pipe is found, it’s only a matter of days until there’s running water again.

If you still need to head to a local Secretary of State’s Office, there are four area locations. There’s two in Rockford – one on Baxter Road and an express site on Auburn Street. There’s also one on Pearl Street in Belvidere. The location in Roscoe on Main Street is only open Wednesdays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The building housing the East State Street Driver's Services Facility has been condemned by the city.

We've been told there is no running water to the building which houses the DMV and a couple of other stores also in the same building.

Once that situation has been taken care of, the building will be re-opened.

Until then, the Secretary of State's Office says we should go to the Baxter Road or Belvidere locations if we need to go to a Driver's Services Facility.

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