Eagles Released Back into Wild

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PECATONICA (WIFR) -- Two bald eagles were released back into the wild after seven months of rehab with Hoo Haven Rehabilitation and Education Center.

The two birds, named Courage and Valor, were originally brought in from Stillman Valley and the Mississippi River after sustaining injuries.

Over 100 people watched as the eagles flew through the air and perched at the top of a tree on the grounds of the Torstenson Youth Conservation Education Center.

"The whole idea behind Hoo Haven is to set them free," said Hoo Haven owner Karen Herdklotz. "When you see them fly and fly and enjoy that and enjoy being free, it says 'thank you and we're good to go.' There's nothing better."

Hoo Haven is always looking for volunteers and you can find out more information at HooHaven.org.

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