EIGERlab Expands for New Tenants; New Businesses

Photo Credit: Brian Thomas Photography

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With four new tenants, EIGERlab’s footprint expands again; ranging from business expansion to new start-ups. Overall, the four business owners, presidents and directors agreed on several reasons which led them to house their businesses at EIGERlab (E-L) including: overall pricing structure, which includes a plethora of services and amenities; location; attentive management and support staff; and options for expansion without relocating.

Included in the variety of new or expanding businesses are: EZ-Hire which assists small and mid-sized companies with the intricacies of HR management and recruitment; Friction Bonder which builds standard and high-speed friction bonding machines; NISEnergy whose mission is to leave every residence with lower utility bills and an all-round healthier and more comfortable home is an energy-auditing and efficiency retrofit company; Southern Wisconsin Interpreting and Translation Services, better known as SWITS, which offers a variety of translation and interpretation service in addition to assistance with American Sign Language.

EIGERlab connects with potential clients and tenants in a variety of ways. Saul Arteaga, director of SWITS met E-L’s executive director Dan Cataldi when they were both chosen for the 2012 Twenty People You Should Know, Rockford Chamber award.

After owner Patrick Lynch of Friction Bonder met with both Brian McIntyre, Small Business Development Center director, he learned more about business development, E-L’s accommodations, and was also connected him to John Ekberg, controller at Circle Boring and Machine, who clarified additional questions, thus, speeding up the process of opening his business.

Teresa Pesina, EZ-Hire President/CEO also connected with E-L through Brian McIntyre and was impressed with all the amenities, but believes E-L is a premier location and first in mind when it comes to technology in the region.

Lastly, Brian Casey, owner of NISEnergy, was inspired by a talk given by Dan Cataldi in 2010. Brian shared, “after chatting with Dan, I realized that anybody can go work for themselves, but I knew if I wanted to do something spectacular I would need help. EIGERlab has the necessary tools to help me grow and shape my business successfully.”

E-L was instrumental in assisting a “shunkworks” type project, now known as B/E Aerospace’s Water and Waste Systems to grow exponentially from 2 to 70+ employees within five years. As most know, they relocated in 2012 to a new building near the airport.
“That’s the intended, natural progression in an incubator-setting,” stated Dan Cataldi. “A company utilizes our resources, and we provide introductions to people in the region who can assist and support in various ways.”

Currently the E-L houses twenty-two businesses. Three of the faster-growing business located at the E-L, Manufacturing Technologies Group, Lyons Consulting Group and Accelerated Machine Design and Engineering have grown between 129%-800%, respectively during their tenure.

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