Durbin Introduces Patriot Employer Tax Credit Act

WASHINGTON (WIFR) -- Illinois's Dick Durbin leads a group of six democratic senators introducing a bill that he says rewards companies that keep jobs in America.

"This is an effort to keep jobs in the United States and to make sure our workers get a good paycheck and good benefits," Durbin said.

The Patriot Employer Tax Credit Act would give companies a tax credit of about $1,200 per worker as long as they keep their head quarters in America.

There are a couple of other stipulations. For instance they must provide Obamacare compliant health insurance to all workers. And pay at least 90 percent of it's worker a wage at least one and a half times the poverty level.

Both the Illinois Manufacturers Association and The Chamber Of Commerce bashed the bill saying that it's quote "tailor made election year stump speech material" and that if Durbin was truly interested in creating good paying jobs in manufacturing he should sponsor a bill cutting the corporate tax rates for American companies.

"Wouldn't both political parties want to see workers getting a better wage. A better paycheck and good benefits. Wouldn't they want the tax code to reward employers that don't ship their jobs overseas. That's why we call it the Patriot Employers Act This ought to be something Red White and Blue that we all agree on," Durbin.

Durbin's proposal would also require companies to pay the difference between regular and military salary for all national guard and reserve workers who were called for active duty.

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