Durand Bank Teller Wins Big

DURAND (WIFR) – Durand bank teller Pam Thompson is looking forward to making the deposit of a lifetime into her own account, after winning a $1 million prize from the Lottery’s Cash Spectacular instant game. The Illinois Lottery presented her a ceremonial check today for $1,000,000 at Kinney’s Pump House in Durand, the store where she bought her ticket.

Thompson was at home with her husband, Ron, when she scratched her winning ticket. “I always scratch my tickets from right to left--a bit odd, but in this case I kept seeing zeros, then more zeros. Finally, I saw $1,000,000!” she said.

“Pam’s win is the latest tale in the Lottery’s on-going, ‘Anything’s Possible’ series,” said Lottery Supt. Michael Jones. “It reminds me of the Peoria Heights man who won $1 million playing the very same instant game seven months ago. He took his oversized check straight to the bank and tried to deposit it through the drive-up window. The drive-up bank tellers got a big laugh out of it.”

Pam Thompson is a part-time bank teller at State Bank of Davis. Her husband is a self-employed construction worker. They have three daughters and five grandsons. They plan on investing their winnings and paying off some bills. “We would love to be debt-free and not have to worry about money,” she said.

While explaining how she shared the good news with her family, Thompson said she took one of her daughters out for lunch to tell her. “This isn’t something you should tell people over the phone,” she said, adding, “but then my daughter was so excited she couldn’t eat!”

The Lottery also presented Kinney’s Pump House a ceremonial bonus check for $10,000 for selling the winning ticket. “It’s wonderful to have one of our regular customers, a member of our community, win a big lottery prize,” store owner Harry Bowen said.

Thompson purchases two or three instant tickets a week. “Don’t give up,” is her advice for other lottery players, “Anything really is possible!” After required state and federal withholding, Thompson’s Lottery check will be $700,000, far and away the largest single deposit she has been part of during her 7 years as a bank teller. Her Lottery check will arrive in about 3 weeks.

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