CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

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STATELINE (WIFR) – A national drug store chain makes a huge announcement that has many folks talking.

CVS says they will stop selling all tobacco products after realizing selling potentially deadly products isn’t, as they say, consistent with their purpose.

The pharmacy chain says they may lose $2 billion annually by not selling tobacco and the money tobacco users might spend on other products while in other stores, however it’s a hit the company says they’re willing to take.
CVS put out a statement detailing how while each cigarette user seems to have dropped over the decade, there are still close to half a million people dying each year because of them.

“I think a big corporation like CVS which purports to be a health provider, you know a pharmacy and a lot of wellness programs and things like that, they see the dichotomy of trying to present a situation where they also sell a deadly product,” said Larry Didier with the Winnebago County Health Department.

The move will begin on October 1st. We spoke with many smokers today who say they have no problem getting their tobacco from somewhere else.

CVS is the first drugstore chain to make a move like this. It’s not clear if others will follow but some of CVS’ competitors have programs to help smokers quit using tobacco products.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is praising one of the nation's largest drugstore chains for its decision to stop selling tobacco products in their stores.

Obama says CVS Caremark is setting a "powerful example" by eliminating tobacco sales. He believes this decision will help his administration's efforts to reduce tobacco-related deaths and disease and bring down health care costs.

CVS will remove cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco from their stores by October 1st. This move will cost about $2 billion in annual revenue.

Obama says CVS new policy "will have a profoundly positive impact on the health of our country."

Obama is a former cigarette smoker but kicked the habit back in 2011.

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