Drought Affecting County Fairs

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OGLE COUNTY (WIFR) -- Almost every county in Illinois is now declared a federal disaster area, and these dry conditions are greatly impacting county fairs.

Some local farmers say just like their profits, their animals are shrinking.

Taylor Reeverts raises pigs. She tells us, "This year it has been really hard because it has been hot and they are not gaining as much weight. Our first show, a pig weighed 199 lbs. which is rare because they just don't eat."

Eight of Reevert's dozen pigs are now competing in a lighter weight class at the Ogle County Fair.

The 4H member says this heat has made it difficult to feed the hogs, since the animals typically don't like to eat in the hot weather.

It's also been harder for farmers to show off their produce since the drought has prevented crops from growing.

Farmers say federal assistance will help them recover a small portion of what they lost.

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