Driver's License Facility Opening

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Protests over the closure of Rockford’s only west side driver's license facility were heard loud and clear.

The controversial driver’s license facility chosen to replace the one on Auburn Street, is now open. It's in the truck stop at I-39 and Baxter Road. Secretary of State employees, can't give their full names. They say several people have already started coming through their doors.

"I see us helping all of the customers. It’s a brand new facility. It’s really nice. And were a full service facility here now, so were going to try to be helping them with everything." said new facility employee, Carl.

The facility is the only one in the region that provides commercial driver's licenses, or CDL's. One truck driver says he wouldn't necessarily use the new facility just because it's at the truck stop.

“You still have to have all your paperwork when you go into these places. So if I didn’t have it all with me it wouldn’t be, it wouldn’t help me out much." said trucker Brian Wright.

For those upset about Rockford losing its only west side location, State representative Chuck Jefferson says there will be a new one to replace it.”

"The Secretary of State promised it, and like I said, I’ve never known him not to keep his promises. Have no doubt that there will be,” Jefferson said.

One location being discussed, is the old human services department building on north Court Street.

One other possible location being discussed is the recently closed IGA on Auburn Street. Once the city and the secretary of state come to an agreement, the facility could be up and running within two months.

It's not certain whether anything will be built before elections in November, which is important because people will be able to register to vote at the facility.

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