Drifting Snow to Create Dangerous Road Conditions

MGN Online

ROCKFORD (WIFR) --Tonight's blizzard will bring in a lot of drifting snow. That means more work for Rockford's plowing division.

Employees in the division say drifting snow is one of the most frustrating parts of their job. Once the streets are plowed and snow free the blowing snow can cover it all over again, as if it was never plowed before.

Right now the winds are too strong to clear the streets say city employees, but once the strong gusts die down they will be back out clearing the roads.

"We deal with it as best we can knowing that it isn't going to be perfect until the wind dies down. and we can go out there and actually get everything cleaned up."

Superintendent Mark Stockman says drifting snow occurs the most in rural areas. He says it affects the North East part of Rockford most heavily.

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