Dr. Willis Candidate for Rockton Interim Superintendent

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ROCKTON (WIFR) -- The man who helped reform two local school districts is now looking to lead a third school district.

Dr. Robert Willis is a candidate for the interim superintendent position for Rockton schools. Willis is currently serving as interim superintendent for the Meridian School District, where he's helping with a $1 million budget deficit. He took that position in July, after leaving his two-year interim post at Rockford Public Schools.

Willis believes he can help the Rockton School District with its financial struggles, that most schools are facing.

"I just enjoy being in a situation where they need help. I'm able to provide that help in a created structure that when I leave, it continues to grow in a positive way," says Willis.

Willis' contract with the Meridian School District expires June 30th. The Rockton School Board is expected to hire its interim superintendent before that date. If Willis is hired he'll take over July 1.

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