Dozens of Volunteers Clean Up Communities Across the Stateline

The stateline isn't just recovering from flood damage. A whole lot of litter is taking over much of our streets and now that the snow is gone, thousands of volunteers are starting to clean up the mess.

It's part of the great american clean-up put on by the organization 'Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful.'

Volunteers are picking up trash along our streets and recycling some of items. Organizers say not only is littering bad for mother nature but our economy..

"if you pull up to a business and you see drink straws or napkins, you think that the owner really doesn't care about his property and if that's how her perceives the outside, what does the inside look like. So i think that sometimes people don't understand the value of a clean, tidy neighborhood," said Lori Gummow, Executive Director of 'Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful.'

There was a lot of help across the stateline Saturday. Comcast employees are cleaning -up Washington Park on Rockford's west side among other locations. It's part of their annual 'Comcast Cares' day, where dozens of employees are sprucing up the area.

"There's not really a lot that goes in Rockford, so to see this I love it. to see all the communities, black, white, spanish, rich, poor we're all together as one and doing something together, not often do you see that," said Aaron Honie, who volunteered.

The Freeport Dream Center gives mini makeovers to people's homes, by fixing windows or painting rooms and it's all for free. It's part of the churches' community outreach, where member provide other things like lawnmowers to help homeowners with yard work.

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