Dozens of People Attend 1st 'Better Rockford Today' Meeting

ROCKFORD--(WIFR) Dozens of people say they want to see improvements in the Rockford area, sooner rather than later. It's part of a new initiative called 'Better Rockford Today', to get community input on ways to revamp the city.

Re-paving streets and bringing new businesses to the area are just some of the more immediate changes people say they'd like to see in Rockford.

Dozens of people showed up for tonight's meeting for the 9th and 12th ward.. in order to meet several city leaders including aldermen and Mayor Larry Morrissey.

The mayor says we need to focus more improving Rockford now through public safety, road construction, education and job growth. Morrissey says changes are coming thanks to projects like turning the old Ingersoll building into a sports complex and the old Amerock building into a hotel.

Lisa Leahr, who lives in the 9th ward says it's important for people to bring new ideas to the the table.

"It keeps people focused on what is important in the here and now, but yet they can look down the road and see if I do these baby steps now, we can achieve the end result, said Leahr.

The next meeting is scheduled for the 8th and 14th wards. It will be held at Heartland Community Church at 10 o'clock Saturday morning.

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