Do's and Don'ts On How to Handle A Hornet's Nest

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Plenty of summer projects can by DIY but when it comes to dealing with certain pests, experts say we should leave it to the professionals.

Workers at Pearson's Pest Control say if we notice hornets' nest on or around our homes, we should call a pest control service to knock it down. Most hornets and bees build their nests in corners outside our homes or in trees. Pest experts say we shouldn't try to get rid of the insects ourselves because we run the risk of getting seriously hurt.

"The only thing that we can do is just ask homeowners to pay attention. Just walk their house every now and then just to make sure, because once a nest does start its just going to build from there" says Brian Spicer from Pearson's Pest Control.

Spcier adds, unfortunately there's no way of preventing hornets or bees from making a nest near or on our homes. He says most homeowners will notice nests growing in the fall.

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