UPDATE: No Criminal Charges Filed in Dog Attack

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UPDATE: OGLE COUNTY (WIFR) – No criminal charges will be filed against the owner of three dogs who left an Ashton woman seriously injured.

The Ogle County State’s Attorney’s office says any charges would not hold up.

Ashton Resident Aneda Ebert was attacked while jogging in rural Ashton late last month.

OGLE COUNTY (WIFR) -- We're hearing for the first time from the woman police say was nearly killed by three dogs while out on a run.

"I wanted to die, it hurt so bad."

That's how painful Aneda Ebert says this gruesome attack was, by two pitbulls and another dog. She has scars, bruises and stitches as reminders from last week's near-death experience that started with her morning jog. Ebert says she was walking during her cool-down when the three dogs ran from her neighbor's home and started attacking. A torn piece of her shirt was still in the ditch where she says she was dragged. And she was only about 500 feet from her home.

"Then all of a sudden they had me down and one (dog) had me by the neck. I couldn't get up, they had me down and I tried to cover my face," says Ebert.

Eventually Aneda says she saw her husband's face as he was coming home from a bike ride.

"I just remember riding towards them as far as I could on my bike and throwing my bike down and sprinting at them," says Larry Ebert.

Aneda may not have survived if it weren't for Larry.

"Yeah, it's a scary thought," says Larry Ebert.

All three of the dogs have been euthanized. We tried to talk to the homeowner next door but no one answered the door. Aneda says her neighbor's son owned the dogs, but he does not live next door, she says his father does. Aneda says the dogs always stayed with the father.

The Eberts say pet owners need to be more responsible.

"I just hope people be accountable for their pets," said Aneda.

Aneda is now recovering with a lot of support, including flowers, cards, even a landscaping gift from the the Ashton Community Fund.

Aneda says the dogs had roamed out of their yard in the past, but had never been a problem. She also says she met with investigators yesterday and they told her they're still looking into whether to file charges. We're still waiting to hear back from the Ogle County State's Attorney.

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