Could Facebook Cause Stress?

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- A new study shows more than half of Facebook users are taking a break from the social networking site, at some point in the year, with some citing too much drama and boredom.

Dan MacDonald is starting to set new goals in his Rockford home after spending nearly an hour a day on Facebook. The local father recently shut-down his page to better connect with his 2-year-old son.

"I felt like I had to check it on my phone and before you know it it's on your iPad, your galaxy tab, or your cell phone and your laptop. before you know it you're spending your whole day on Facebook,” MacDonald said.

Multiple studies show how we're spending our time on the social networking site could affect our mood, for instance some social workers say we can actually become jealous and angry after seeing our friend's vacation and family photos and if we're the ones posting what message are we sending?

“If I post something and get 30 likes, that tells me, oh I did something good. so then I will want to something they will like again and if I don't get that I could think, what's wrong?,” said Social Work Kevin Polky.

Research collected from what's being dubbed as "Sweden’s largest Facebook study" shows women who use the site have lower self-esteem because they tend to post more about our feelings.

"We live in the connected age where these things make us feel more connected but I think we become more disconnected and isolated.”

MacDonald says he's glad he's logged off and says he now feels a stronger connection to the people around him.

Mental health experts say the site is an excellent tool if we use it in moderation. If you think you’re addicted, social workers say we should log off for a couple of days.

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