Dodge Dart May Be Built in Italy

BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- A published news report about the Dodge Dart may have struck some fear for those involved with the Belvidere Chrysler plant, but a national auto expert says there's no need to worry. An article in yesterday's Bloomberg business week website reported that Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is evaluating the possibility of building the Dodge Dart at the Fiat's Cassino plant near Rome. Those cars would then be shipped back to North America to be sold. But Autoline Detroit host John Mcelroy tells me today, that his should have very little if any impact in regards to the Dart's production in Belvidere.

"What Chrysler's now looking for is maybe using Fiat to build some more cars if the Belvidere plant runs out of capacity. So it's only in addition to not in replacement of what's going on in Belvidere," said John McElroy.
McElroy says because the Euro is currently so strong against the dollar, it's very rare right now to see a mass market car like the Dart produced in Europe and then exported to North America.

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