Dixon's Million Dollar Comeback

DIXON (WIFR) -- Dixon's new auditor says the city is $2.7 million in the black, a far cry from what financial reports showed when ousted Comptroller Rita Crundwell was in charge.

The City of Dixon is bringing in more money than its spending which means its nearly three million dollars ahead of the game but it's not because the money Rita Crundwell stole has been returned.The city hasn't seen a dime of that yet.

You may remember Crundwell was sued in federal court for stealing $53 million. Dixon's auditor says he expects the city to get between $8 and $9 million of that money back later this year. Monday night city council members said they were grateful for some positive headlines. The new auditor says the FBI carted away most of the city's financial records when Crundwell was arrested so it's been like putting a puzzle back together.

The city is waiting on the FBI to tell them how much money has been made off Crundwell's assets, like her horses and homes. They should know more by February 14, when she's sentenced.

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