Dixon Teachers, Admin. Hopeful for a Contract Deal

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DIXON (WIFR) -- Representatives from the Dixon School District and its teacher’s union are still hashing out a new contract that would end a seven day strike.

Teachers in the district are optimists that Friday could be the day they'll make a deal. More than two dozen parents joined the teachers in protesting outside the Dixon School’s headquarters. Students from 12th grade all the way down to preschool also joined in the rallying cry to bring the district’s 168 teachers back. The negotiating teams from both sides sat down at one this afternoon with the hope that there will be a deal today.

"I think we come in everyday and every session with the hope that today is the day, and so the board has a very fair offer and we hope it’s accepted,” says Dixon School Superintendent Michael Juenger.

“Just like any process,, the bottom line is we would like to get our teachers back into the class room, we'd like to get our students back into the classroom as soon as possible," says Dolph Ricks, lead negotiator for the Dixon Education Association.

“It’s very stressful. Every day you hope and pray that it's going to come to an end and that's what we're going to continue to hope for. We're staying very positive and hope today comes to an end of this for everybody,” says teacher Beth Dir.

Students were supposed to take their I-SATS starting Monday. The school district got permission from the state to push the testing back to as late as March 22nd. The administration stresses, students will not be brought in for testing until the strike is over.

Superintendent Juenger is planning to hold a question and answer session with Dixon parents and the community from 4-6pm on Sunday, March 10, 2013, at the VFW Hall in Dixon.

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