Dixon Mayor Announces Special Appointment

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DIXON (WIFR) -- Embezzlement: a word people in Dixon know all too well after two city employees were caught pocketing the city's cash.
Now the mayor is making changes to make sure no one steals from the city again, some say it's too little too late.

Jordan Bowman is fed up.

"He had one chance after Rita Crundwell. One chance and obviously with Shawn Ortgiesen, like I said, he hasn't done his job so it's time for them both to go," Bowman said.

The Dixon resident created a Facebook page called “We Are Dixon and We Demand New Leadership,” calling for Mayor Jim Burke and Finance Commissioner David Blackburn's resignation.

"We can't move on unless we make sure this never happens again," Bowman said.

Bowman created the page after City Engineer Shawn Ortgiesen was caught allegedly stealing $13,000 from the city. Bowman says that never should have happened, especially after Rita Crundwell was caught embezzling millions from the city, but Mayor Burke says changes were made after the Crundwell case and more are coming.

"We're just doing the best we can. Fully transparent about everything. You know we're making changes and you know that's all we can do," Mayor Burke, said.

One of those changes -- appointing Police Chief Dan Langloss to temporarily fill Ortgiesen's position.

"He has good strong leadership qualities, he has good management talents so he's the guy to step in and take Shawn’s place temporarily," Mayor Burke, said.

Langloss will also set up the criteria and help hire a city administrator, a change Bowman supports.

"That is a step in the right direction. I do believe the city administrator or city manager form of government would be a more efficient form of government," he said.

Langloss will focus on the public works job for the time being and lieutenants will step up to fill his shoes at the police department. Mayor Burke hopes to hire a city administrator in three to six months.

DIXON (WIFR)—Dixon’s mayor has made some administrative changes after another city employee was accused of embezzlement.

The mayor is appointing the Chief of Police to temporarily fill the spot of Sean Ortgiessen, the former public works director accused of embezzlement, but there’s now a Facebook group calling for the mayor and financial director’s resignation.

Jordan Bowman created the Facebook Page “We Are Dixon.” He’s using the page to collect signatures for a petitions calling for Mayor Burke and the financial director’s resignation, but the mayor says he’s trying to prevent any more embezzlement by moving Police Chief Dan Langloss to the Public Works position.

"We're just doing the best we can. Fully transparent about everything. You know we're making changes and you know that's all we can do,” said Dixon Mayor, Jim Burke.

Mayor Burke also wants to create a city administrator position. He says Chief Langloss will help create criteria for that position. The mayor hopes to have that filled within the next six months.

The Mayor will need approval from City Council to create the new position, but he thinks he has enough alderman on board with the idea. He says he still doesn’t know how much a city administrator job would pay, which could cause some roadblocks as budgets seem to be tight everywhere.

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