District 205's Driver's Education Helping More Students Get Licenses

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- District 205's Driver's Education Program has been quite the success this school year. It's now helping triple the number of students get their licenses.

District leaders decided it would be better to teach the classroom portion of Driver's Ed during the school day and leave the driving for before and after classes. And that's made a huge difference.

Last school year, only 600 students received the classroom and on the road instruction needed to take their driver's test.

This past fall, at just one high school that same number of students were able to meet the requirements to take their driving exam. This is because the district's two Driver's Ed teachers can focus on just the classroom portion and teach more kids in a day. Plus, the driving portion is now taught by several more instructors.

There's still a backlog of juniors and even seniors who still need to take Driver's Ed but the district hopes to have all of them through the program by the end of next school year.

The district applied for a special waiver from the state this fall that allows them to hire a private company to help teach Driver's Ed. So far they haven't needed to use it. District 205 only owns four instruction cars but is hoping to lease two others so even more students have the chance to learn to drive.

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