District 205 Schools Receive iPads

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Now in District 205, students are using iPads.

Within just three days, Mrs. Schere’s fourth grade class joined the 21st century.

“Some kids think that once the text book is done, the learning stops but with an iPad the learning will go on and on," said Deanna Shere a teacher at Lathrop Elementary School.

Lathrop Elementary just received hundreds of iPads as part of a new pilot program. More than 3,000 will be given to schools across Rockford, which could save District 205 money in the future. The District spends roughly $85 per book, and when you factor in the four main subjects, that's more than $300 per student. Administrators say they budget $2 million on books annually.

"It's like very different than a book," said one student.

Noe Torres had never even heard of an iPad until it landed on his desk.

“It’s kind of funny because the kids know more about the iPads. The kids are engaged from the beginning to the end of the lesson. It’s easy because you don’t have to type, or hear that writing sound,” said Shere.

While that “writing sound” is now quiet, so is Mrs. Schere’s classroom.

Lathrop has nearly 500 iPads. The devices are locked inside the school, which means kids do not take them home. Some other Districts like Forreston and Rockford Christian Schools are also using iPads this year.

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