District 205 School Improvements Plan

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We're continuing to follow a multi-million dollar plan to renovate nearly 50 schools in the Stateline.

The list of which schools will be repaired first is still coming together, however some schools, like Kishwaukee Elementary, are becoming a priority.

At Kishwaukee, water fountains are leaking, walls are crumbling, and workers say the cafeteria, is just too small.

Normally, elementary schools have two lunch periods, but at Kishwaukee, there are six. We are told there just isn’t enough space, so the kids have to come in shifts.

Schools that have life safety issues, such as un-even pavement or doors that do not lock in an emergency, will see the first improvements in a more than $300 million plan that will span over the next decade.

Although some schools will get immediate help, we are told every school in the district will see repairs.

"Kids get excited about anything, so anytime you can do something to get them excited about the place they learn everyday. Its going to be a good thing," said Chad Reedy with Kishwaukee Elementary School.

The District says Kishwaukee school will add on to its facility to make room for a multi-purpose room, that will also make space for a new cafeteria.

Teachers are also weighing in on the issue, by the telling the district what projects need to come first. The project has several phases with the first being done in five years.

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