District 205 Construction Updates

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Several major projects are starting to wrap up in the Rockford School District.

In just three months Froberg Elementary School students will be able to play in a brand new gym and they're feeling pretty lucky.

Tanner Smith, Froberg Student, says "It makes me feel like the greatest person in the world"

The multi-million dollar project is one of many taking place in district 205 schools as part of the ten year facilities plan.Construction crews broke ground on the expansion in the summer with plans to have four additional classrooms, a larger cafeteria, and a new parking lot

"I'm really excited because since pre-school it's been really crowded and now that we're getting all this construction we get to have more people come to the school and get to play more," Brenden Moss, Student, said.

Although there looks like there's still a lot of construction that needs to be done this should be completed no later than January 3, 2014.

At Auburn High School this patch of dirt will soon become a 100,000 square foot field house. Complete with a 200 meter track and several courts.

Teachers and students say it's been an education to watch the renovations from start to finish and they're most excited to test out their new gym.

The district says the total cost of the ten year plan should cost around $300 million.

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