District 205 Buses Having Trouble Maneuvering Neighborhoods

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Some District 205 students may have to stand in the freezing cold a little longer this week. Bus drivers are having a hard time making it through some neighborhoods. While the snow has stopped, we're expected to see record-breaking temperatures this week.

The Rockford school district's transportation director wants us to give his buses more room to drive by parking on one side of the road. He says the way some folks are parking now makes it nearly impossible for some of his buses to pick kids up on time in some neighborhoods.

And here's why -- buses are squeezing through some side streets. That's if there's any room at all. Transportation director Gregg Wilson says this happened four times this morning and he fears if we don't park on one side of the road, some of our children could be forced to wait out in the brutal cold ten to fifteen minutes longer on some routes.

"Our concern is that now the bus is running late. We have people calling us saying your bus is late, why is it late, our road is clear... part of our issue is they can't get through. If a driver backs up, we certainly don't want it backing out into a busy intersection," Wilson says.

Wilson says people are parking farther away from the curb because of snow mounds. That narrows the street dramatically in his eyes. He says one school bus tried squeezing through a side street today and ended up clipping a car mirror.

Wilson says he's talked to city leaders about looking into a possible ordinance that would enforce odd-even parking rules throughout the school year, not just during the snow season. That way, buses can get through neighborhoods without a problem.

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