Distribution Center Moving to Former Amerock Building

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The parent company of Bergner’s that’s moving in to the former Amerock building on Auburn Street in Rockford will help with online orders for the next year.

Bon-Ton will lease 182,000 square feet at Amerock from July until June of 2015. The site will temporarily help with online orders until the company opens its main internet sales facility in West Jefferson, Ohio. The Carson Pirie Scott Distribution Center at Elmwood and North Main will remain.

The site mostly ships to retail stores. Bon-Ton Reps say they still don’t know how many employees they’ll need for the temporary center at Amerock.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The former Amerock building on Auburn St. has been quite the eyesore for years, but a transformation is in the works. The parent company of Bergner's is moving to the property.

The former Amerock building has been planted on Rockford's west side for nearly 60 years. A once-booming manufacturing facility that turned into an eyesore, is getting a new tenant. Bon-Ton, the parent company of Bergner's, is leasing 182,000 square feet on the east side of the building.

The distribution center could help out nearby businesses. When the plant closed nearly a decade ago, Vaughn's Home Furnishings, which sits in front of the facility, says it lost customers.

"A lot of them working [at Amerock] were our regular customers here and they had to go find locations from there. We had some very tough times during those periods of times," says co-owner Stacey Vaughn.

However, Vaughn believes the new tenant will help improve the west side.

He says, "I think that's going to be a good infusion to the area, it's going to bring life, it's going to bring business."

Veterinarian Dr. Patricia Holm works at Auburn Animal Clinic, east of Amerock, she's also the treasurer of the West Side Business Association. She says the distribution center will give the west side momentum.

"So I think that there's a very positive thing going on here and we have to get rid of the negative," says Holm.

The old Amerock property has been re-named Skylight Commons. It currently houses two tenants, manufacturing companies AMC Industries and Rexam Beverage and there's room for more. Both AMC Industries and Rexam Beverage will be going on the east side. The property owner will continue demolition to clean up the area and make room for other tenants.

Phoenix Investments which owns the property says Bonton is expected to open in about 45 days but we're still waiting to hear back from the company directly. We're also awaiting word on how many jobs the company will bring.

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