UPDATE: Whiskey's Roadhouse License Approved

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Bands will play once again at Whiskey’s Roadhouse on North Main Street.

Aldermen gave the bar the permit they needed to have live music. Whiskey’s owner had to stop the live shows last month after she was told she didn’t have the right license.

Business owners around Whiskey’s were divided over whether live entertainment should be allowed at the bar.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A Rockford bar continues its battle for the right to have live music and entertainment.

Tuesday night the Rockford Liquor and Tobacco Advisory Board approved revising Whiskey's Roadhouse's license allowing the North Main Street bar to have live music. After receiving complaints of loud music, Whiskey's recently found out it needed a permit for live entertainment, even though whiskey's owner Kristy Frye says they've booked bands for years.

Whiskey's still has to go in front of one more committee before facing the full city council.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Loud music, scantily clad women and a lot of fighting is what some say is happening at Whiskey’s Roadhouse on a regular basis. Now the bar and grill wants a permit for live entertainment, yet some in the neighborhood are asking aldermen to deny the permit.

“Your kids don’t need to hear that music, that’s the kind they were playing.”

Adolph Wacker says he’s concerned about what kids and families are hearing as they come in and out of Skateco.

He says that music is coming from the bar next door, Whiskey’s Roadhouse, and that the music isn’t the only problem.

“They rev up a motorcycle as hard as it can go and the noise was like 20 feet from our building here.”

Whiskeys is asking the city for a permit for live entertainment something owner Kristy Frye says they’ve had for years but wasn’t included in the license.

“The last three years, we’ve won the Rockford Area RAMI Awards for the best live music venue in Rockford. We bring people from all over the city people from Wisconsin, Iowa, here to see live music,” said Frye.

Wacker and a group of neighbors are asking aldermen to deny the permit but Frye says she has a petition with more than 700 signatures of people who are ready to rock out.

“It’s a big deal to musicians, patrons, that really enjoy it. There’s not a lot of places you can go, I mean, this is our specialty.”

Two doors down at Creative Tek, employee Christian Kewley says live entertainment at Whiskey’s could actually help her business.

“You know, maybe people would see our sign if they’re walking up,” Kewley said.

Wacker says he’s all for a booming business, as long as they keep that boom to a minimum.

“They’re welcome to have the bar, but outside entertainment is out of the question.”

The liquor board will make a decision on the permit for indoor entertainment at its meeting tomorrow. It starts at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers.

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