Disabled Veteran Gets New Home

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A local disabled military veteran is about to become a first time home owner. It's part of a nationwide initiative to provide housing to 1,000 homeless veterans.

Anthony Birdwell is an Army veteran who received some terrible and unanticipated news about five years ago. He had a tumor attached to his spine. With rising medical expenses and no unemployment benefits Birdwell, his pregnant wife and young son could not keep up financially.

That's where the Home Depot Celebration of Service Initiative comes in. This Winnebago Street home is under renovation and when it's done Bridwell and his family can move in.

"It's heartwarming and I'm speechless at the same time because for a community to come together after you being gone for so long and doing this to help you out of your struggle and what not. it's a good feeling," Birdwell said.

The Home for Veterans Program is just part of Home Depot's celebration of service initiative that runs from September 11 through Veterans Day.

During that time the company invests $3 million and employees nationwide take part in 350 different service projects.

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