Disabled Man’s Bike Stolen in Freeport

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- A Freeport man who has struggled to walk his entire life has one of his only methods of transportation stolen.

“They told me I wouldn't be able to ride a bike or walk but I thought, I am not going to stop myself."

Everyday is a struggle for Ryan Glick who was told at an early age he may never be able to walk. Now, decades after being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Some say, he's defying the odds.

Glick is a familiar face around the streets of Freeport. He uses his bike to get around town everyday which is why a trip for lunch seemed routine.

“My tires wouldn't fit in the bike rack, so I was thinking “ok I will take the chance” and went into the deli and got my lunch and walked back out and thought “Nooo",” said Glick.
Glick says he felt stranded when he realized the bike was stolen, a bike he's used to log more than 15,000 miles over the last few years.
He says a friend from out of town ended up buying him a replacement and while this bike works just fine he says he still feels like something is missing.
"I have been looking for my other bike but I came up with nothing so I am not done looking,” said Glick.
Glick says his bike was stolen at the garden deli. He will not give up until it's found.

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