Disability Parking Sting

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Police are cracking down on another type of stealing today, parking spots for the handicapped. The Secretary of State's office kicked off its annual sting operation in the CherryVale Mall parking lot today. Parking illegally in a handicapped spot can land you fine for as much as $350. If you use someone else's placard, prepare to shell out $500 and possibly lose your license.

The experience that I've run into is that people use handicap placards that aren't theirs. Family members, friends. Or they believe that the handicap placards are registered to the vehicle, when in reality they're actually issued to individuals. And when those placards are being used, those individuals need to be in the vehicles present,” said Derek Garcia who has been monitoring the CherryVale parking lot.

31 tickets were issued by the Secretary of State's Office during last year's sting operation.

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