Despite Loss, Winnebago Fans Stay Behind Their Indians

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WINNEBAGO (WIFR) -- Even though Winnebago didn't come out on top tonight, there are a lot of people throwing their support behind the Indians. Several Winnebago businesses were busy tonight because of the game.

The streets outside of Toni's at 508 N Elida Street in Winnebago were quiet tonight, but inside was anything but.

"It's fun, it's exciting,” said patron, Jeff Beyer. “People are here to celebrate and ready to watch a Winnebago win."

James McCarroll was leading the cheers at Toni's. He said, "We got to support our team, in our hometown. Everybody that comes in here is all about Winnebago.'"

Some people there were just happy they had a place to watch the game.

“Couldn't go down state,” said Traci Hohlfelder. “We came here to watch it with some fellow fans and having a good time."

It was a different story at Anna's Pizza & Pasta on South Benton Street. While others were watching the game, owner Brian Weavel was busy making pizza.

“Normally on a Friday night, every table would be packed,” said Weavel. “These girls would be going crazy behind me. Tonight it's actually the delivery guys going crazy. and we have to send out extra people for delivery."

Weavel said he didn't expect to be so busy tonight, but is certainly glad he was.

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