Despite Dangers Stateliners Work Out in the Heat

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STATELINE (WIRF) – Imagine having to work outside with as hot as it was today. Well, many Stateliners didn't have to imagine, they lived it.

On a hot day being by the river is usually a good way to cool off… that is if you’re not part of the Ski Broncs Water Ski Show Team in Loves Park. They had to put on a show which meant working in Wednesday’s extreme heat all day.

“It’s super hot,” said Ski Broncs Club President Steve Kling.” We get hot in the show. Even though we’re on the water we’re working on the water. Guys get light headed.”

Allen Jogerst joined the team in 1996 and says keeping cool when temperatures get as high as they got on Wednesday is critically important.

“We keep the kids hydrated and we keep an eye on them pretty well,” said Jogerst. “Let them stay cool, drink a lot of water and keep them going if they get too hot.”

If team members get too hot they can simply go into the water to cool down but not everybody had that luxury today. Peter Chrzaszcz was fixing a roof with his own team directly under the sun all day. He says they need the work and can’t slow down because of high temps.

“It’s hot, really hot,” said Chrzaszcz. “We’re going to be here all day today from seven in the morning to six o’clock. It’s going to be bad.”

Stateline emergency rooms say they typically see a lot of patients when the weather gets this hot and that we shouldn’t take the dangers that the heat brings lightly because they can be deadly.

Winnebago County’s Health Department website has a list of ways you can stay cool and healthy during the heat wave. You can visit for more info.

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