Designer Jeans Excite At-Home Party Market

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Move over purse parties, the latest bling is coming from behind.

"The girls, they just love it. There's so much excitement in the room," says Beth Tolmie.

Tolmie is a Regional Coordinator for Vault Denim. A Utah-based company that supplies overstock designer jeans for at-home parties. They range between 48-and-92 dollars, many are half off retail.

"The ones that could afford them are loving the deal and the ones that couldn't afford them are able to get in on the action on the feel of designer jeans," says Tolmie.

Sales are zipping away. Beth booked 20 parties within her first month. And is now signing up other local women like Jenn Smith to host their own jeans parties.

"I haven't really been able to find a place in Rockford that has the kind of jeans that I like so this definitely has filled the void and the price is right. You can't buy jeans for the price we're selling them for," says Smith.

Vault Denim also carries premium brands, but company rules say we can't reveal those lines.

Shoppers get to try on, pay and take home their jeans all in the same night. The phenomenon is even building friendships amongst strangers. Michelle Gallagher saw Beth's "Rocking Vault Denim" page on Facebook, loved the idea, and decided to come over and meet the "Jean Queen" for herself.

"Nobody's going to tell their friend their butt looks good if it doesn't," says Tolmie.

Starting this fall, Vault Denim will offer men's, children's and maternity jeans. And they'll soon be available online. In order to work for Vault Denim, you must pay a one-time fee of 159-dollars up front. But the company provides the inventory. If you'd like to learn more about hosting or attending a Vault Denim party, contact Beth Tolmie here..!/rockingvaultdenim

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