Deputies Spending More Time on Patrol

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) – Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputies are spending more time patrolling the streets and Sheriff Meyers says it’s not costing taxpayers a dime.

Deputies started driving their squad cars home about four months ago and Sheriff Meyers says not only is it keeping deputies on the streets longer, it could also save the County money in the long run.

Each night, around 60 deputies take their squad cars home instead of their personal vehicles. That keeps deputies on County Roads about three hours longer each day because they don’t have to start and end their day at the Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Meyers says when you add it up, that equals the work of about two and a half more deputies per year, an important part of keeping our streets safe.

“There have been some incidents where they’re en route to their patrol area in the morning, calls will come into where they’re already out and available and they can get immediate response to them. Some have been emergencies, some have been routine calls for service, but it allows us to provide better service to the people,” said Sheriff Meyers.

A lot of people who live near deputies say they feel safer because there’s usually a squad car visible in their neighborhood now.

Because deputies aren’t driving back and forth from the Sheriff’s Department as much, deputies are putting less mileage and tear on their cars. Sheriff Meyers says instead of leasing new vehicles every three years, hopefully they’ll only have to get new ones every four years.

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