Local Dentist's Son Proclaimed a Hero

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A Sycamore High School alum and the son of a prominent local dentist is now being claimed a hero by leaders in San Francisco.

Nick Tumilowicz was at a 50th birthday party at the Candlestick Point recreation area, when two 12-year-old boys got into a boat to try to retrieve a football that landed in the water. The boat started drifting, so Nick and two other men stripped down and jumped into 55-degree water. Nick, who was a lifeguard for 15 years, was the only one of the three to make it out to boys who were nearly a mile away.

"They were freaking out and for that 200 meter swim, I was a little freaked out too because there was no boat and I was holding their two jackets with one hand and doing the sidestroke up to the pier. But, we made it happen," said Nick Tumilowicz.

Outside of some mild hypothermia, everyone was fine and the two twelve year olds were in class for the start of seventh grade today.

"He's a hero. He saved me and my friend's life and we would not have been able to get back without him,” said Christian Pryfogle, one of the boys who was saved by Nick.

Nick is the son of Dr. T., Kris Tumilowicz who joins Andy and Aaron for tooth talk every Wednesday morning during 23 News This Morning with Andy and Aaron.

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