Defendants in Hanson Murder in Court

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – 10 years after the murder of 8-year-old Demarcus Hanson, the three men convicted of killing him are out of prison. They’re still accused in Hanson’s murder and were back in court for the first time since posting bond.

Today’s status hearing focused mainly on what those three defendants can and can’t do as part of their bond conditions. There are a lot of rules the men have to follow and if they don’t, the judge can throw them back in jail.

Right now, Anthony Ross, Lumont Johnson, and Tyjuan Anderson aren’t allowed to see or talk to each other. Their attorney’s asked Judge Joe McGraw to change that rule today, saying being together will help them transition back into society as the three are out looking for jobs. Their lawyers say they need cell phones so they can keep in contact with family members.
"It's difficult to leave your home for the whole day when you have children and you go to work or you go to school and you're unreachable because you don't have a cell phone, so my clients are committed parents and want to be reachable to their children,” Defense Attorney Roshna Keen said.

"I realize it does infringe on their freedom but the fact remains they are now again charged with first degree murder. If it's a matter of their freedom we certainly can obtain and have their custody revoked and have them put back into the Winnebago County jail,” said State’s Attorney’s Office Assistant Deputy James Brun.

Judge McGraw denied both of those requests along with one that allows defendants to have contact with gang members.

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