Decorated Eggs on Display at Midway Village

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Easter is just a few weeks away and a show at Midway Village this weekend is giving us some EGG-stra inspiration.

Beautiful decorated eggs were on display at the Rockford Egg Art Show and Sale. It's amazing to see what these eggers can do with just a simple egg. They are all made from egg shells; from the tiniest finch eggs all the way up to ostrich eggs.

The artists spend hours painstakingly creating each masterpiece.

"Everybody should experience coming to an egg show at least once in their lifetime, more if they can but at least once because I cannot describe to someone what we have here. It has to be seen to be enjoyed," Egg Art Show and Sale Director Julia Smith, said.

The finished eggs sell for anywhere from $10 all the way up into the thousands of dollars.

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