Debate Over Photo ID Link Cards Continues

ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- It has been perhaps the single most hotly debated story in the history of our Facebook page. Some Illinois lawmakers have proposed that we become the first state to require photo id's on Link Cards. On 23 News at 6 one of the bills sponsors Rep. Joe Sosnowski, (R) 69th District, explained why he favored the idea.

"It's not 100 percent foolproof. It helps add a little bit of security to the system. And you also hope that those who would abuse this system would maybe think twice because their actual picture is not on the card that they are trying to use," Sosnowski said.

Opponents of the bill say it's punitive to the poor and they question how someone who can't afford to pay for food can afford to cover the costs of getting a photo ID. According to the Illinois Department of Health Care and Family Services, about two million Illinoisans use Link Cards. Last year, 1,032 were disqualified because of fraud.

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