Killer Admits Motive in Murder of Dixon Mother

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DIXON (WIFR) -- The family of Margaret Atherton has waited three years to see her killer convicted, and following a guilty verdict for Byron
Adams, he had one last statement to make about the murder.

Investigators in case say during his entire trial, Adams stuck to his story that the two were romantically involved, but on Tuesday, he told prosecutors he simply killed Atherton to get gas money back on September 11, 2009.

After hearing the verdict against him, Adams asked for a private meeting with investigators. In that meeting, prosecutors say Adams admitted his motive for killing Atherton was to get gas money to drive back to Chicago, where he had been living at the time. Adams says he remembered delivering papers to Atherton’s house and figured if he stuck a gun in her face, she'd give him the money Instead, Atherton refused, and Adams suffocated her with a pillow in an upstairs bedroom.

“It is clear there was no relationship and it is important to this agency and the investigators that her good name stays good,” says Dixon Police Chief Dan Langloss, Jr. “Byron Adams has a 20 year history of violence and rape against women."

Prosecutors say this was the first time Adams had shown any emotion during the whole ordeal. Investigators aren't sure if this latest confession will impact his sentence. Adams faces at least 20 years in prison, but could be get as many as 60 years. He will be sentenced in November.

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