Dealing with the Holiday Blues

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- The icy weather may be a pain for drivers, but the gloomy weather is causing even more stress for some of us this holiday season.
Whether you’re anxiously waiting for Santa Claus to come to town, or you’re excited to spend time with your family, for many of us the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year.

Yet, the holidays aren’t a cheerful time for everyone.

“There’s so much pressure. There can be a traumatic event like the death of a child for example and it happens to occur during the holiday season,” said psychologist, Dr. Terry Lichtenwald.

Local psychologists say they’ve seen half a dozen people wanting help to kick the holiday blues, where depression kicks in during the usual merry season. Some of the signs include trouble sleeping, eating and a feeling of hopelessness. He says it’s common, especially since some people are stressed socially and financially, struggling to buy gifts for their families.

“That stress, so many people here are economically just beat down to a pulp,” said Lictenwald.

Add bad weather to the mix and Dr. Lichtenwald says it’s a recipe for depression.

“You don’t have the luxury or the down time of an icy storm because you have to get 19 different things.

However, he says doing things like spending time with loved ones or taking time to relax can help ease those holiday blues and cope with those season’s greetings.
The holiday blues can bring on signs of stress, including headache, chest pain, or anxiety. Psychologists say this condition is also caused by loss of a job, or a major move away from family.

Doctors say we all may feel stressed or down for a day during this holiday season, but they say we should seek help if it becomes an ongoing feeling especially if we see some of the aforementioned signs of severe stress.

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