DeKalb Residents Hold Candlelight Vigil for Sandy Hook

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DeKALB (WIFR) -- A week after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, where 20 children were killed. Residents in DeKalb chose to honor the victims with a candlelight vigil Friday night.

"Because it’s important we all grieve together." As a mother of three boys, Mary Hess says she can't imagine what the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School are going through. But she understands how a shooting affects the community.

"Having been through a shooting in our community in the past, I think that maybe we have a little more empathy and know how it feels," said Hess.

Hess lives in DeKalb, where a gunman fatally shot 5 students at Northern Illinois University 4 years ago. Hess says that brought their community closer together. She hopes it does the same for Newtown.

"It’s going to take time to heal and we wish them prayers to get through this," said Hess.

Dan Kenney organized a candlelight vigil at Memorial Park. He's a fourth grade teacher who says sandy hook opened old wounds.

"When you hear about something similar in other places it restimulates that wound and that memory," said Kenney.

Kenney says he wanted to do something to heal those wounds and honor the victims of Sandy Hook. "If we all bond together and work together we can make it a safer place for everyone," said Kenney.

Dekalb is collecting angel ornaments for Sandy Hook, which will be donated to the victims’ families in Newtown. You can send an angel ornament of your own to Moxie at 230 E Lincoln Highway in DeKalb. The ornaments will be given to the families next month.

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