UPDATE:DeKalb County Man Sentenced for Leaving Dead Frogs on Neighbor's Porch

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DEKALB COUNTY (WIFR) -- A Kingston man is sentenced for committing a very unusual crime.

Jay Bayles, 22, will spend 60-days in jail for leaving dead frogs on his neighbor's porch. He was arrested in June for criminal damage to property. Deputies say he caught and skinned up to twenty frogs and then left the bodies at his neighbor's across from him on Willow Street.

DEKALB COUNTY (WIFR) – A Kingston 21-year-old is being held in the DeKalb County jail pending bond after leaving a mess on his neighbor's front porch.

Jay Behles is being charged with criminal damage to property after Sheriff's deputies say he caught 15-20 frogs Monday evening, skinned them, and then left the carcasses at his neighbor's house across from him on Willow Street.

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