"Dancing Mario" Attacked on Perryville Road

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A Mario mascot typically seen waving to drivers on Perryville is attacked by two men and police say it was all caught on camera.

"I thought it was just going to be a typical day and just dancing as Mario," said Angel Galvan.

The day was anything but typical for Galvan who police say was attacked while wearing a Mario costume outside TNT Video Games on Perryville Road. Galvan says he was punched multiple times by two men, one who investigators say committed the assault, the other who recorded the encounter on a cell-phone.

"I was like, 'What should I do? Should I fight back? And, I don't know, I was just stunned at the moment," said Galvan about when he was being hit.

Galvan says the attack lasted for about five to ten seconds, and believes his mask cushioned some of the blows. He suffered minor injuries including a bloody ear and mild dizziness.

"We've never run into anything like this before," said TNT Video Games store owner Steve Allen. "It's scary. We're looking forward to doing business in Rockford, but definitely are apprehensive."

A video on the store's Facebook page shows what Galvan's day typically looks like. He's known as one of "Rockford's Marios," which is why his brother knew immediately that something was wrong when he heard about the incident online.

"I hope somebody catches them, you know? " said Gilberto Galvan about his brother's attackers. "Like, I hope they're brought to justice, because, you know, it's stupid. Like that shouldn't be happening to people, on their job especially, you know?"

Galvan said despite the attack, he will continue his job as the company's "Dancing Mario".

Galvan is the stores only Mario impersonator. He said surrounding businesses have reached out to check on him, including Red Robin who gave him a gift certificate. Police are still searching for suspects.

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