DUI Crash Victim Warns Drivers

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The victim of a serious 2010 car crash is speaking out after being hit by a drunk driver. The four-year anniversary is approaching as extra police patrols take effect.

Walking, talking even sitting; they're all things Michelle Morin is re-learning.

"Figure out what I had to do to get back to who I was," explains Morin.

Who she was before the car crash that changed her life. Morin and her friend were riding in her jeep when they were hit by a drunk near Winnebago Corners on July 30, 2010.

"My jeep got flipped upside down, it was sitting on its roof and I was staring out the windshield going 'why am I upside down?,'" Morin explains.

The crash left Morin with scars and put her in a coma for nearly two months. Her mother Brenda Rigdon still tears up thinking about the accident.

Stateline police agencies are trying to prevent similar tragedies with more patrols through the July 4th weekend. Officers will be looking for people breaking the law, including drunk drivers.

"There isn't any shame in buying yourself something or having some friends over, drinking and just staying the night, there's nothing wrong with that," says Morin.

In fact authorities are encouraging it so drivers aren't forced to re-learn the basics like Morin, or worse.

Morin says she's still pulling glass out of her body. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken elbow from the accident. She's still in physical therapy focusing on her walking.

Morin just started driving again in October, three years after the crash. She says the driver who hit her got sentenced to seven years in prison for her crash and another.

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