Cyber Monday Safety

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- Millions of keyboard strokes and clicks are leading to some great deals this Cyber Monday, but there’s a warning going out to bargain hunters.

“There’s a term called cybergangs and what they're doing is this time of year is a prime time for them to be able to collect people's information, their personal data, collect information form financial transactions,” said PJ Way with Information Systems Management at Rasmuessen College.

We're talking about identity theft. But PJ way with Rassmussen College says there are some ways to protect yourself. Get on a secure website. To do that, make sure the web address starts with https. Also, make sure your computer and anti-virus software is up to date. Avoid unnecessary downloads, like ringtones and screensaver ads that might pop up. Another online shopping suggestion is to pay with a credit card. It could be more of a hassle if your debit card information is stolen.

"On debit cards they now have access to your bank, credit card you can call someone, stop it, deny the payment, have investigations. While you may be able to do that with your bank as well, once they have the bank information and the money is gone, there is very little you can do," Way said.

Many may be shopping online from their cell phones. Way says to make sure you have a secure, locked connection and if it's an option, use the mobile site instead of the full website through the browser.

You should also keep a paper trail. Which means to be sure to print or save online transactions and also check your credit card statements to make sure there are no unauthorized charges. You can always do a search online to see if any scams have been reported with the website you're trying to visit

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