Cutting Down on Motel Crime

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LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- Loves Park Police are keeping a close watch on two local hotels, after officers say some guests were arrested on drug and prostitution charges.

We told you last week about a drug bust at the Clayton House. The bust is part of an effort by the Loves Park Police Department to cut down on drug activity and prostitution at both the Clayton House and the Park Motel.

The two motels are right down the street from each other on north second street near the Rockford-Loves Park line.

Loves Park Police Chief Jim Puckett says in the past year, the department has been watching the motels closely.

They rely on neighborhood watch groups to let them know when activity picks up in that area. Then the Police Department begins hot spot policing, which means they put more officers in that neighborhood and the more they're there, the more they find.

“Being there so often they're starting to interact with more and more people coming and leaving the area, um, so it just brings up more and more of the calls for that particular area,” said Loves Park Police Chief Jim Puckett.

The owner of the Park Motel didn't want to talk. We spoke with the owner of Clayton house late this afternoon. He says he's been working with the police department to keep the drugs and prostitution away from his business, and Chief Puckett echoed that, saying the owner has been reaching out to the police quite a bit for help.

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