Curbing Crime Through Hot-Spot Policing

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Crime is inevitable, but the amount of crime within a community can sometimes be controlled. That’s exactly what the Rockford Police Department is trying to do.

You may have heard the term hot spot policing, a tool the Rockford Police Department began enforcing over the summer and it looks like it's working. A few months ago there were a rash of burglaries on the southeast side of Rockford, near Flinn Middle School, but from December to January. Burglaries in that area decreased by 57%. The bad news is that robberies were up by 50%. Rockford police have been using hot spot data to see where the most crime is happening, they then send more officers to those areas and we're told that has led to a lot of arrests. Some residents though, say they still don't see enough police presence.

"It makes everybody concerned, I have elderly parents that live in the area and making sure that they're double locking their doors even because even during the middle of the day some of these robberies have been happening,” said Chuck Anderson, a resident of Rolling Green.

A new hot spot report is released every week. Last week's spots included Auburn and Central where there were cars stolen. Also, East State Street between Mulford and Rockford Avenue saw a lot of burglaries.

The Rockford Police department is also doing an analysis of how street lights, or a lack of them relate to crime. That report should be completed within the next three weeks.

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