Culture Shock Celebrates Record Store Day

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Many vinyl enthusiasts got the chance to browse through some old music today during Record Store Day.

Culture Shock celebrated the holiday by turning its entire space into a record store.

Customers got the chance to look through a beefed up inventory with rare, used and limited edition releases.

The day was created to pay tribute to local shop owners who inspire music lovers to indulge in a day of record appreciation.

"When you have a record, you take it home, you put it on, you have to actively listen to it, flip it over when it's done, you hear all of the music, and you look at the record jacket," said Culture Shock co-owner Lauren Davis. "You just get a really good sense of what that music is and you know what the track names are as opposed to mindlessly listening to music."

Davis says it celebrates records every day because they give customers the opportunity to special order any vinyl and get it shipped to the store for free.

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