Crop Hunger Walk Raises $11K for Rockford Pantry Coalition

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It's been a busy winter for Rockford food pantries, but now thanks to a several thousand dollar check they will be able to keep their shelves stocked.

An $11,000 check was given to the Rockford Pantry Coalition. It's all thanks to the Rockford Area Crop Hunger Walk last October that raised over $40,000 for eliminating hunger. The rest of the money will be donated to countries around the world. Event organizers say this year they want to make sure their global donation goes towards getting the proper nutrients for newborns.

"Some of the Crop Hunger Walk Funds are going to provide micro-nutrient packets for newborns. It's going to help train their parents on how to use local foods that are nutritious and cook them and serve them in good ways," says Julia Jones, Assistant Field Director for the Illinois Region Church World Service.

Julia Jones says over 50 local churches helped raise the money and over 200 people took part in the walk. The next walk will take place in October.

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